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"Take your therapy skills to the next level with our Advanced Psychotherapy course—discover new paths to empower change and foster personal development."

What You Will Learn

  • Develop deep listening and empathetic skills
  • Master comprehensive case analysis and diagnostic evaluation
  • Explore diverse psychotherapeutic intervention techniques
  • Handle crises with professionalism and compassion
  • Navigate complex ethical dilemmas effectively
  • Foster self-awareness and engage in regular supervision
  • Enhance verbal and non-verbal communication abilities
  • Cultivate empathy tailored to individual client needs
  • Utilize a range of assessment tools and methods
  • Design personalized treatment plans aligned with client goals
  • Implement various psychotherapy modalities with proficiency
  • Address crises and emergencies with established protocols
  • Establish and maintain clear ethical boundaries
  • Embrace cultural sensitivity and competence
  • Engage in ongoing self-reflection and personal growth
  • Seek guidance and feedback through supervision for continuous improvement

Psychotherapy was pioneered by Sigmund Freud, who developed psychoanalytic therapy. Since then, various psychologists and psychiatrists, like Carl Rogers, Albert Ellis, and Aaron Beck, have contributed different approaches and techniques to psychotherapy.

Introduction to Applied Psychotherapy : Applied Psychotherapy is the practical application of psychological principles and techniques to help individuals improve their mental health and well-being.

The Effect of a Therapist : The therapist plays a crucial role in psychotherapy, providing support, guidance, and expertise to facilitate the client's growth and healing process.

Psychoanalytic Therapy : Psychoanalytic therapy, pioneered by Sigmund Freud, explores unconscious conflicts and childhood experiences to understand and address current emotional difficulties.

Psychodynamic Therapy : Similar to psychoanalytic therapy, psychodynamic therapy focuses on uncovering unconscious patterns and dynamics that influence behavior and relationships, with a focus on present issues.

Behavioural Therapy : Behavioural therapy emphasizes modifying maladaptive behaviors through techniques such as exposure therapy, reinforcement, and behavior analysis.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) : CBT focuses on identifying and changing negative thought patterns and behaviors that contribute to psychological distress, using techniques like cognitive restructuring and behavioral experiments.

Mindfulness-Based Therapy : Mindfulness-based therapy integrates mindfulness practices to increase awareness and acceptance of thoughts, emotions, and sensations, helping individuals develop healthier coping strategies.

Schema Therapy : Schema therapy combines elements of cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and attachment theories to address deeply ingrained patterns or schemas that underlie chronic psychological issues.

A. Assessments : Assessments in psychotherapy involve evaluating various aspects of a client's mental health, including symptoms, strengths, and challenges, to inform treatment planning and interventions.

B. Report Sheet : A report sheet is a structured document used by therapists to record client progress, session notes, and treatment plans, providing a comprehensive overview of the therapeutic process.

C. Sample How to Write Report : When writing a report, therapists summarize key session content, client insights, progress towards treatment goals, and any adjustments to the treatment plan, ensuring clear communication and documentation of the therapeutic journey


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  • E- Certificate / Hard Copy
  • Get Identity Card
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Startup Support
  • Job Opportunities

  • Includes Case Studies
  • Group Discussions
  • Practical Experiences/Workshop
  • Monthly Training Sessions
  • Research Work
  • Quizzes to Follow your Progress

  • Aspiring therapists
  • Social workers
  • Managers
  • Life coaches
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Anyone keen on personal growth
  • Educators
  • Parents

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